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I use print on demand to sell illustration design products.

We have registered several companies overseas and in Japan.

There are many kinds of T-shirts and goods, so if you are interested, please take a look.

​And honestly, I want you to buy it (earnest)

​Recommended here!

Print on demand


​Society6 with a fashionable art concept. Rather than T-shirts, there is an image of art prints and home decor products.


​Redbubble started registering after being invited by a fellow designer. I was happy that I was able to sell a little because I was included in the group of Future Artists. We mainly sell T-shirts.


​TeePublic registered after receiving an invitation email from an insider. Thank you for your help now. T-shirts are the main sale. I was also recognized as an original artist here. The easy-to-understand monthly sales are friendly to artists and customers alike.


​This is the shop in Osaka where we registered our design for the first time in Japan. Halloween designs were at their peak for a while. After that, I am doing my best because it is a problem of my drawing ability.


​This shop has a wide variety of goods and many new attempts. I'm still quietly doing it with a feeling that I can't quite see it since I started.


​I made it because I wanted it. There aren't that many. I would like cat lovers to use our WHIM as well♪


​Keiko Wada



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